Almost 5'4"




Episode 2 of the Model Life on-going mobile series takes place in Shanghai! Zell is a rising fashion model and her face is all over Shanghai. Finding success is her only priority until NYC's longest running-muse, Razz, arrives in town. Between photo shoots Zell is on a mission to assist one of her best model-friends, ISO, seek revenge on Razz because ISO believes Razz killed her favorite NYC-based photographer before moving to Shanghai. Only Zell's promise to ISO is shaken when the mission proves that choosing to be true to your word can mean the betrayal of a new friend. Fashion illustration meets the graphic novel world with Jazmin Ruotolo’s expressive and dramatic style and Isobella Jade brings years of experience in the modeling industry to the page with some added chaos and weapons.


Available September 2nd on the ComicsPlus app and Kindle!




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"Careful" is about the spirit of a promising teen track runner, Estella, who dies from a texting-related car crash. The heartfelt book is a timely read that circles around friendship, family, forgiveness, revenge, bullying, loss and love.

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